March 28, 2023

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A ‘very healthy’ mountain lion spotted in northwest Carson City | Carson City Nevada News

A ‘very healthy’ mountain lion spotted in northwest Carson City | Carson City Nevada News

Carson Now reader Wm Dietlein sent us two photographs of a “incredibly nutritious mountain lion soothing at the stop of Woodridge Circle” in the Timberline location of northwest Carson Town on Thursday, Jan. 19.

Even though mountain lion are stealthy and are not often seen, they are in the area. Studies of them are not uncommon, in particular now as they are seeking for mule deer as a food resource, according to an NDOW spokesperson.

“This is the time they are subsequent deer prey,” the spokeswoman mentioned. “We’ve had calls in the Carson City place this calendar year and it is regular for obtaining these sightings.”

She urged individuals who have viewed mountain lions to call the NDOW dispatch line at (775) 688-1331 to report them. NDOW will log the information and, dependent on the circumstance, send out someone to the location.

“If they have eyes on it then get in touch with us, that way we can get an individual out there,” she mentioned. “What we do is dependent on the circumstance. It truly is not a just one sizing fits all.”

Mountain lions occupy areas with rocky terrain all over Nevada, specially exactly where mule deer reside.

Like most wild cats, they are solitary and are inclined to prevent spots with human disturbance, in accordance to the Nevada Office of Wildlife. Once in a while they will be noticed passing by the outskirts of city locations exactly where foods is commonly obtainable. Encounters with mountain lions are rare and the hazard of an attack is extremely compact.

NDOW notes on its Living with Mountain Lion webpage that like any wildlife, mountain lions can be risky.

To decrease the possibility of problems with mountain lions on or near your home, NDOW urges the pursuing safety measures:

— Get rid of anything that may well catch the attention of deer or other prey animals. This can consist of birdseed, pet food stuff, trash or compost, drinking water attributes, fallen fruit, excess shrubs, woodpiles, decks or other structures that can give address or a spot to den.

— Make initiatives to discourage deer from becoming existing in your garden. Deer are one of the major food stuff resources for mountain lions, so if they are in your property, a lion could be also.

— Put in equipment to scare away the lions. Motion-activated lights and/or sprinklers are a terrific area to commence.

— Carefully supervise children any time they play outdoor. Make absolutely sure children are within prior to dusk and not outside ahead of dawn. Chat with your children about lions and educate them what to do if they come upon just one.

Pet basic safety:
— Hold your pet under manage. Roaming pets are straightforward prey and can bring in lions. Provide animals in at night. If you go away your pet outside the house, retain it in a kennel with a safe prime. Really don’t feed pets outside this can appeal to raccoons and other animals eaten by mountain lions. Store all rubbish securely.

— Location livestock in enclosed sheds or barns at night. Shut doors to all outside the house structures because inquisitive lions may well go inside of for a search.

Climbing in mountain lion state:
— Remain alert when on the trails and do not put on headphones.

— Stay away from hiking or jogging when mountain lions are most active, in between dusk and dawn.

— Dad and mom, supervise compact children carefully and train them about lion basic safety.

— If you operate throughout a useless animal, particularly if it is partly eaten and then covered with brush or dust, transfer absent. Lions return to their kills.

What if I see a mountain lion?

— Do not solution a lion, specially one particular that is feeding or with kittens. Most mountain lions will test to keep away from a confrontation.

— Do NOT run away from it or corner it — give it room to leave. Again absent little by little if you can do so safely – managing may perhaps promote the ‘chase instinct’ that several predators have.

— Do all that you can to surface greater. Increase your arms. Open up your jacket if you are donning one. If you have little young children with you, shield them by buying them up so they will not stress and operate.

— If the lion is intense, toss stones, branches, or regardless of what you can get your arms on without having crouching down or turning your back again. Wave your arms little by little and talk firmly. What you want to do is encourage the lion you are not prey and that you may well be a risk to the lion.

— In the uncommon function of an attack — normally struggle again. Lions have been driven away by prey that fights again. People have fought again with rocks, sticks, caps or jackets, yard equipment, and their bare hands effectively. Continue to be standing or consider to get again up.

Am I in danger?
Human and mountain lion conflicts are exceptionally scarce getting the higher than safeguards will enable limit conflicts that may well arise. Finding out how to interact with mountain lions is an significant step in earning certain Nevada and our wildlife keep wild!

If you see a mountain lion in a household location, report it to the Nevada Office of Wildlife dispatch line at (775) 688-1331.