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Animal Control – Middleburg Heights

Animal Control – Middleburg Heights

Harmful Animals Ill / Injured / Poisoned Animals

See down below for details pertinent to each individual condition.

Hazardous animals

The pursuing animals are categorized as “dangerous” and need a distinctive allow to be kept in just metropolis limitations. In addition some distinctive housing limitations might also apply. Make sure you search for information less than tab Middleburg Heights Codified Animal Ordinances underneath.

Unsafe animals/ Hazardous Wild Animals

(a) Pit bulls

“Hazardous wild animal” usually means any of the next, which includes hybrids except if in any other case specified:

(1) Hyenas
(2) Grey wolves, excluding hybrids
(3) Lions
(4) Tigers
(5) Jaguars
(6) Leopards, together with clouded leopards, Sunda clouded leopards, and snow leopards
(7) All of the next, which include hybrids with domestic cats unless of course usually specified:
(a) Cheetahs
(b) Lynxes, including Canadian lynxes, Eurasian lynxes, and Iberian lynxes
(c) Cougars, also recognised as pumas or mountain lions
(d) Caracals
(e) Servals, excluding hybrids with domestic cats normally identified as savannah cats.
(8) Bears
(9) Elephants
(10) Rhinoceroses
(11) Hippopotamuses
(12) Cape buffaloes
(13) African wild dogs
(14) Komodo dragons
(15) Alligators
(16) Crocodiles
(17) Caimans, excluding dwarf caimans
(18) Gharials
(19) Nonhuman primates other than lemurs and the nonhuman primates specified in division (C)(20) of this area

All of the following nonhuman primates:

(a) Golden lion, black-confronted lion, golden-rumped lion, cotton-prime, emperor, saddlebacked, black-mantled, and Geoffroy’s tamarins
(b) Southern and northern night time monkeys
(c) Dusky titi and masked titi monkeys
(d) Muriquis
(e) Goeldi’s monkeys
(f) White-confronted, black-bearded, white-nose bearded, and monk sakis
(g) Bald and black uakaris
(h) Black-handed, white-bellied, brown-headed, and black spider monkeys
(i) Popular woolly monkeys
(j) Pink, black, and mantled howler monkeys.
“Risky wild animal” does not involve a domesticated animal that is deemed livestock as outlined in part 901.70 of the Revised Code.

“Limited snake” usually means any of the following:

(1) All of the pursuing constricting snakes that are twelve toes or for a longer time:
(a) Eco-friendly anacondas
(b) Yellow anacondas
(c) Reticulated pythons
(d) Indian pythons
(e) Burmese pythons
(f) North African rock pythons
(g) South African rock pythons
(h) Amethystine pythons.
(2) Species of the next families:
(a) Atractaspididae
(b) Elapidae
(c) Viperidae.
(3) Boomslang snakes
(4) Twig snakes.

Sick or hurt animals

If you face a unwell or injured animal, do not strategy or consider to take care of it. Call Animal Handle as before long as possible. If the animal is a menace to people today or domestic animals, contact the law enforcement.

Pet poisoning

If you feel your pet may have ingested a possibly poisonous compound, there is a compensated support that offers pet poison similar unexpected emergency consultation, 24/7 12 months round. The range to contact is 888.426.4435. Note: A $65 session fee may possibly be applied to your credit history card.