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Can your cat eat dog food? Here’s what you need to know

Can your cat eat dog food? Here’s what you need to know

Cats and puppies can be close friends and are able of delivering every single other a comforting corporation, primarily if they are lifted jointly. But quite a few pet mothers and fathers marvel if the two buddies can in fact have a meal with each other. A lot of of the elements in cats and dogs’ foodstuff may show up similar, so how nutritious it is for a cat to just take a chunk from a dog’s bowl? Industry experts say though it might appear harmless to provide the two your kitty and doggy the identical meals, in extended run it can mess with your feline friend’s wellness. From malnutrition, indigestion to even kidney failure, cats can drop significantly unwell if they consume pet dog food stuff on a regular basis. (Also examine: Countrywide Cat Enthusiasts Month: 7 strategies to enable your feline close friend live a long and healthy lifetime)

Why cats can’t take in pet dog meals

Cats and puppies have distinctive nutritional necessities and digestive methods, earning it vital to understand why cats can’t eat pet food.

“Cats are obligate carnivores i.e animals whose diet regime consists of at the very least 70 for each cent meat, which means they have to have a diet plan large in protein and body fat. Their digestive procedure is especially created to process and take up the nutrients from animal-primarily based protein sources. On the other hand, canine are omnivores and can try to eat a additional assorted diet plan, which includes grains and other ingredients that are indigestible to cats,” claims Devanshi Shah, Founder and CEO, Petkonnect.

What comes about when cats consume canine meals

Shah claims when cats take in dog foods, they are not acquiring the vitamins they need to have to prosper as pet dog foods is formulated to meet up with the dietary wants of puppies and does not include the higher amounts of protein and body fat that cats require. The qualified says this can direct to malnutrition, digestive upset, and other wellness troubles.

Pet dog food items can even be toxic for cats

“In addition, some dog food items have elements that are harmful to cats, these types of as onions, garlic, and raisins, which can bring about major health and fitness issues these kinds of as anaemia or kidney failure. Cats also have a decrease tolerance for carbohydrates as opposed to canine, and consuming a diet program superior in grains and other carbohydrates can lead to being overweight, diabetic issues, and other wellness complications,” states Shah.

What cats ought to try to eat

It can be critical to have an understanding of that feeding cats dog food stuff can have really serious outcomes for their health and fitness, and it is really finest to present them with a well balanced diet program particularly formulated for cats. This will be certain that they get all the vitamins and minerals they require to preserve good health and joy, states Shah.

“In summary, feeding cats puppy meals is not a excellent idea and can have significant health and fitness penalties. Offering cats with a well balanced diet program specifically formulated for their species is the ideal way to be certain their health and very well-becoming,” she concludes.

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