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Different Kinds of Horse Jump Accessories and Their Purpose

Different Kinds of Horse Jump Accessories and Their Purpose

There are several different types of horse jump accessories. These range from small cavaletti to large jumps for a competition course.

Each type of jump has unique characteristics and can be used in various disciplines. Some combinations can include doubles, trebles or quadruples.

Easy Glide Jump

The easy glide jump is a lightweight and durable PVC jumping standard equipped with a pin-less track system to make quick height changes a breeze. It also features two measures that will spruce up any arena.

The best thing about the easy glide jump is that it is portable and can quickly move from venue to venue. It makes it a valuable asset to any equestrian, equestrian enthusiast or backyard horse owner. The lightweight and slick lining makes it the perfect choice for any sized show ring.

The most exciting thing about the easy glide is that it is a good fit for any budget horse jump accessories and can be used by riders of all levels, from kids to pros. It is because it can be assembled in minutes and stored in a single bag when not in use, making it the most functional piece of equipment on your property. The most efficient and reliable ring equipment, from dressage to jumping, is essential to success in the equestrian discipline.

Easy Glide Poles

The easy glide poles are ideal for various ring settings, including jumps, cavaletti, and lunging exercises. The molded cups can be rotated for a vertical or oxer jump, and the system can be stacked with many poles to create a larger jumping surface.

These poles feature a twist-lock adjustment system for easy length changes and hold well under weight. They have an internal locking mechanism for folding and extending, making them easy to handle, even with gloves.

The handles are made of cork that molds to your hands over time, absorbing sweat and keeping your wrists in a neutral position for comfort and less risk of repetitive strain or injury. They also come with a strap that clips onto the cork grip to keep your hands in place during use.

Easy Glide Tracks

Easy glide tracks are designed to display various items and offer the ultimate flexibility. They are ideal for window displays and other high-traffic areas that require a flexible display system. The wand-like gliders are easy to insert and remove, making them a smart choice for all your display needs.

The easy glide tracks are also an excellent way to keep your signs off the floor, reducing dust and dirt buildup on your signage. They come in several different sizes and are crafted from aluminum. The best part is they can be easily installed from the ceiling or wall. The tracks are available in clear anodized or white powder-coated finishes and feature an adjustable cable that allows you to create an elegant layered look.

Easy Glide Pole Cups

The easy glide pole cups are an excellent addition to your horse jump set. These cups allow you to change the pins in your jump standard quickly. It saves you time and energy!

The cups are made from rubber-coated steel, which provides a durable, long-lasting surface. They are also resistant to water and chipping or peeling.

Each cup measures 5.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall. The cup is designed to fit into the standard 1/2″ pinhole in commercial and homemade jump standards.

The easy glide poles are great for lunging exercises and can be used as a jump or cavaletti. They can be easily set up and stacked with other poles to create a larger vertical or oxer-type jump. Molded cups are available in 8”, 15”, 19”, 22” and 30” heights. Each pole weighs 15 pounds. Poles are sold separately. This product ships directly from the manufacturer. Please note that shipping may take up to a few days after you receive your order tracking number.