September 28, 2023

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Flea and tick medicine tips for warmer weather

Flea and tick medicine tips for warmer weather

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) — With the climate finding hotter every single working day, you and your pet will possible start off paying out far more time outside, which suggests they are extra probable to decide on up fleas or ticks. Right here are some quick tips courtesy of Hillcrest Veterinary Clinic when it comes to trying to keep your animals secure from tick-borne health conditions:

Use flea and tick meds yr-round

Veterinarian Ryan Hart endorses employing flea and tick drugs yr-spherical, specially in West Virginia. Hart states that Hillcrest has seen a latest enhance in tick-borne ailments like Lyme Sickness because some entrepreneurs believe they really do not require to be concerned about ticks thanks to decreased temperatures through the winter season. Still, since of this year’s somewhat gentle winter season, tick populations have stayed mostly the exact same in the last 12 months.

Not only will applying flea and tick meds year-spherical keep your pet healthier, but it will also get you and your pet into the regime of executing it regularly.

Applying the medicine

Hart said that even though location-on remedies are still commonly used, ingestible flea and tick medicine, primarily for canine, is turning out to be increasingly frequent. Not only is it easier for animals who don’t like topical therapies, but he also reported that some reports have even proven that flea and tick drugs in pill type can be a lot more trustworthy at shielding pets. On the other hand he also prefaced that each and every pet is different, so it’s essential to check with your vet as to what is ideal for your animal.

If you use a topical treatment and are having issues having your pet to cooperate, get a helper. If you can, wrap your cat or dog in a towel to keep their legs from finding out of your grip.

Flea and tick medication can be unsafe to people. Be guaranteed to keep it out of get to of children and consider to stay clear of obtaining it in your eyes or ingesting any. Wash your palms extensively right after making use of, and stick to the instructions on the packaging thoroughly.

Use the right med for your pet

Absolutely in no way use a flea or tick treatment that is meant for a various animal species. Applying pet dog medication on a cat can lead to critical illness to your cat like seizures or perhaps demise. Overdoses in smaller animals can be in particular prevalent. Be absolutely sure to verify the packaging on your meds and see how significantly to give them in accordance to your pet’s bodyweight. Write the day on your packaging to retain monitor of the very last time they have been handled.

What to do if you observe side-consequences

Make contact with your vet if you recognize your animal behaving surprisingly, and if aspect effects are intense, get your cat to an animal medical center or veterinary clinic instantly. Indications of tick and flea medicine toxicity incorporate vomiting, tremors, extreme drooling heavy respiration and diarrhea.