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Here’s Why Your Cat Is Biting Your Toes in Bed, According to Vets

Here’s Why Your Cat Is Biting Your Toes in Bed, According to Vets

A tiny nibble from your kitty right here and there is ordinarily rather harmless. We chalk it up to them actively playing or exhibiting affection. But when it arrives to feet in bed, some cats are inclined to bite tough and relentlessly. Immediately after speaking to vets and pet gurus, we learned that there are a number of unique reasons your pet attacks your feet—and some methods to mitigate the problem so you can get a superior night’s slumber. If your toes have fallen target to this strange behavior, examine on for handy details. And really don’t be concerned, none of the brings about are that your cat needs to hurt you!

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A close up of a cute gray and white kitten biting a finger
Lisa Charbonneau / Shutterstock

Far more normally than not, it’s youthful kittens who bite toes, and they’re going to frequently expand out of it when they are accomplished teething. “Cats typically commence teething around six months outdated, but this can fluctuate relying on the breed and age of your cat. Kittens are inclined to be much more intense about biting since their teeth are escalating in at this time, and they do not know how else to talk what they need to have,” explains Melissa M. Brock, a board-certified veterinarian and an author at Pango Animals.

As soon as your kitten has develop into much more cozy with other forms of interaction, these types of as meowing or purring, the biting is probable to halt.

An orange cat sleeps on a bed at the feet of a Caucasian woman.
Iuliia Alekseeva / iStock

Very first off, the foot of the bed is probably the most typical place cats like to snooze. And what is actually suitable following to their face? Your toes, which are most likely not remaining thoroughly however.

“Your toes are wiggly and they stick out, generating them extremely amusing for their feline instincts,” notes Jacquelyn Kennedy, founder and CEO of PetDT. Your intuition is to move your feet away when they get bit, which only makes it far more fun for your cat to chase them.

fluffy siberian kitten
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You will find also a opportunity your cat’s animal instincts are kicking into gear when they’re all-around your ft. “Toes going below the addresses could be conveniently misinterpreted as becoming a mouse and wiggling fingers could feel like a compact prey animal to the cat. In a large amount of circumstances where cats are silently ambushing their entrepreneurs, the proprietors are inadvertently acting in a way very similar to how prey may possibly act: freezing in dread, dashing away, or working in response to the cat,” explains Joey Lusvardi, a cat habits advisor who runs Class Act Cats. He suggests making sure cats have toys and games that mimic this “looking” motion.

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Cat welcome his owner.
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Cats are smarter than we occasionally know, and they very likely know that biting your toes will wake you up. It could be that they want to enjoy with you or that they’re hungry. In terms of the latter, “a person of cats’ active intervals is dawn—so an early early morning toe nibble would not be unforeseen,” notes Mikel Maria Delgado, PhD, a cat habits expert with Rover. An automatic feeder will absolutely enable with this.

Millennial handsome man with his Russian blue cat at home
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Think it or not, the behavior that you look at as troublesome could be an act of like. “Biting is an integral section of a cat’s existence, even from an early age. When mom cats bathe their infants, it usually entails light-weight nipping. Cats find out to associate these behaviors with demonstrating passion,” points out Taher Shaban, co-founder of NeuroDogLux.

No make a difference how sweet the intention, having said that. this is a habit that can really establish troublesome. Fortunately, there are way to reduce it.

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A small, orange kitten is playing with the ball with strings and feathers
dentharg / iStock

One way to get your kitty to prevent biting your toes in mattress is to check out to tire them out. “Test playing with your cat prior to likely to mattress in order to do the job off some of that excessive vitality,” states Gary Richter, MS, DVM, CVC, CVA, a veterinary health and fitness specialist with Rover.

But under no circumstances enjoy with your cat with your have arms or toes this will only fortify the behavior. “Alternatively, generally use interactive wand toys and ideal solo toys (e.g., fuzzy mice or ping pong balls) so your cat learns to chunk and engage in with toys, not toes,” says Delgado.

If you assume the challenge is significantly less about participating in and extra about wanting your notice, Richter indicates expending some top quality just one-on-1 time with your pet in the evening, “this sort of as a brushing session or just some concentrated petting.”

A gray kitten with green eyes sitting on its owner's lap, who's wearing all denim
Uplight Pics / iStock

Even kittens have sharp teeth, so if the biting is turning distressing or you definitely simply cannot get to rest, think about some gentle discipline. “A loud noise this sort of as a clap or even a brief blow of breath into their confront can also be extremely efficient deterrents in biting conduct,” says Richter.

If you would desire taking an even much more passive technique, Kennedy suggests to basically ignore your cat as much as probable when they’re biting. In some cases, receiving a response is half the enjoyment for them!

And, of class, you could often near the bedroom door. But you do then operate the hazard of your kitty becoming afraid or lonely and scratching at the doorway.

Applying a water spray bottle is a widespread way to practice cats, but Lusvardi advises towards it. “Squirt bottles are an dreadful conduct modification tool as they will not essentially address the fundamental trouble and may perhaps make your cat create a fearful association with you,” he says. “That can lead to even worse, much more severe biting!” In its place, he suggests you attempt redirecting their attention to a toy.

Close up image of a white and orange cat lying on the bed near a woman's feet in socks.
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If nothing else functions, you can don socks to bed until (with any luck ,!) your kitty outgrows this behavior or learns not to do it. Also, make positive your ft keep under the addresses and choose for a thick quilt. But continue to keep in thoughts that your cat may nonetheless bite your toes by means of the blanket, so be confident the comforter is a person that you you should not thoughts getting scratched and torn.

If you experience that the conduct is much more deeply rooted than what is been talked about here, it could be that your cat is dealing with strain or anxiousness, and it can be critical to make a vet appointment as soon as possible.