May 18, 2024

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Most popular dog on Instagram

Most popular dog on Instagram

(WJW) — Proud pet parents are known to take photos of their dear Fido or Fluffy as much as possible, posting the best snapshots on social media for all to love.

But one company decided to delve deep into which breed of dog showed up the most on Instagram, and surprise, surprise, the top spots follow closely with the most popular dog breeds in the U.S.

The dogs that most showed up on Instagram, according to hashtag, was compiled by Our Fit Pets, a website out of the United Kingdom, using the list of American Kennel Club-recognized dog breeds.

Overall, Our Fit Pets found the French Bulldog is the most posted about, at least with hashtags being used. In looking at the Top 20 on the list, another trend became visible.

“The data revealed that smaller dog breeds tend to have a higher Instagram appeal than their larger counterparts,” Our Fit Pets said in a statement. “With eight of the breeds in the top 10 comprising of small or medium-sized breeds.”

Here’s a look at the most ‘Instagrammable’ dog breeds on the platform and their number of posts by hashtag:

  1. French Bulldog, 37,426,453
  2. Golden Retriever, 34,620,981
  3. Chihuahua, 34,567,175
  4. Pug, 23,938,945
  5. Bulldog, 23,199,468
  6. Poodle, 22,311,664
  7. Pomeranian, 21,270,151
  8. Dachshund, 19,473,384
  9. Border Collie, 17,499,859
  10. Shih Tzu,16,144,454
  11. Shiba Inu, 15,956,987
  12. Labrador Retriever, 13,973,083
  13. Beagle, 13,892,929
  14. Toy Poodle, 13,823,544
  15. Maltese, 12,785,571
  16. Cocker Spaniel, 10,621,936
  17. Boston Terrier, 10,490,578
  18. Australian Shepherd, 10,095,250
  19. Siberian Husky, 9,339,626
  20. Yorkshire Terrier, 8,827,880